Macabre...ish Horror Review: My Bloody Valentine (1981)




My Bloody Valentine, 1981/ 90 min. The movie opens, in Valentines Bluff, with a striptease in a mine that ends violently when the woman is impaled on a pick axe. 





When the town reinstated the Valentines Day dance after it had been suspended for 20 years, a tradition for 100 years. Which was because miners, who weren’t at the dance, were trapped in the mine, in a methane gas explosion, during the time of the last dance. The only survivor, Harry Warden, goes insane after resorting to cannibalism and surviving 6 weeks underground. 



After spending a year in an asylum, he returns to town, killing mine supervisors he held responsible for the blast. He vowed to kill again, every February 14th, if there was ever another dance. Harry was placed in an asylum again and forgotten. Until another human heart is found again on the eve of the dance, delivered in a heart shaped candy box to the mayor.




The chief discovers, no one knows where Harry Warden is, there’s no record of him and bodies are stacking up in town.




As long as the dance is on, towns people are killed.





Until finally it comes to a head, in the mine, where teens are having a party of their own. Then the truth is revealed.


The movie is somewhat gory and bloody, though 9 minutes of gore was removed for being too gruesome but the Blu Ray includes 3 minutes of the 9 minutes worth of out takes. This movie is still really creepy without it though.



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