Macabre...ish Horror Review: My Little Eye



My Little Eye, 2002/ 95 min.


Five people agree to be sequestered in a house wired for video and sound for six months for 1 million dollars, on a reality webcast.


The rule is, if anyone leaves, no one gets the money.



After months of boredom and day dreaming about what life will be like with the money, tension is rising and one of the contestants, Emma, starts finding messages written on the windows that she believes are from a former deranged friend.


Then when a delivery that should contain supplies but instead contains bricks with a letter containing bad news for one of the contestants. The next delivery has a bottle of champaign and a gun with five rounds.



Some one is messing with them based on the conversations they have with each other in the house. A stranger arrives creates dissension in the group by sleeping with one of them. One commits suicide.



And after deciding to leave, they discover, this may not be a reality show at all, after finding no evidence of it online and what they do find is disturbing. It just may be a different kind of entertainment, only for those who can afford to watch.



There is some nudity and an adult scene.

This movie is deceptive, it felt like it might not be going anywhere. Then it does. It’s definitely a psychological thriller. I do wish they didn’t do those distortion moments and that the cinema quality was better but  it does add to the eeriness of the flick.


It is heavier than expected and if you liked Paintball, you might like this.







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