Macabre...ish Horror Review: My Soul To Take



My Soul To Take, 2010/ 1 hr 47 min


Abel discovers he’s the masked serial killer known as the Riverton Ripper, it was unknown to him because he suffers from DID, dis associative identity disorder. His reaction is to kill his pregnant wife and therapist, leaving his 2 children orphans. After he is shot himself by police and on his way to the hospital attacks the EMTs and after the revelation that Abel may actually be innocent and also the host to several souls, one being a monster. He presumably escapes the wreckage.


Sixteen years later, the Riverton Seven,  Jay the artistic one, Bug the shy one, Jerome is seeing impaired, Alex is a loner, Brandon the jock, Brittany is the beauty and Penelope the religious one.


All born on the same day, the alleged day Abel died, gather to ritually kill the Ripper Puppet. A superstition meant to keep the Ripper from returning. Bug is elected and fails. Soon one of the seven, Jay, is killed. And Bug has somehow taken on Jay’s creativity, as well as the attributes of the others.


One by one, the Riverton Seven are killed. The remaining ones are acting stranger by the day. And the only way to save the remaining few is to find out who is killing them and stop it. But how do you find and kill a malevolent soul?


Plus there are secrets that are creating havoc. The movie begins with a lie and ends with one. Maybe a palatable lie is better than the bitter truth.


This movie is violent and bloody. Kids are beaten up pretty good in this one, bullied, warned. Pretty decent slasher flick with some wacky moments. There are also some jump scares.