Macabre...ish Horror Review: Necromentia



Necromentia, 2009/ 82 min. Three different men seek to transcend death by opening the gates of hell and for very different reasons. One still lusts for his deceased girlfriend, who’s decomposing corpse he cares for every day to maintain her body and his sexual relationship with her. He hopes to enter another realm to retrieve her soul and she’ll come back to life. She was killed by her boyfriend, when their attempt to kill him went awry. 



Another, Travis, a professional sadist,



wants to rescue his disabled little brother from Mr. Skinny, who appears as a diaper wearing fat guy who wears a pigs head.



Mr. Skinny convinced his brother to eviscerate his sitter. Travis is told this by a demon named Morbius who comes to him when he’s high on ketamine. Morbius tells him that if Travis helps him exact revenge then he will help him find his brother.


The third is Morbius, he was a mute bartender



who dabbled in the occult. His girlfriend, Elizabeth, had a lover and they conspired to poison Morbius but he didn’t die as expected and realizing what’s gone on, chokes Elizabeth to death and Hagen attacks him and kills him. Morbius opens his eyes in Hell and faces a grey skinned, gas mask wearing entity that reveals himself to be Elizabeth’s unborn son. 


Morbius’ payment for this help is to agree to belong to this entity and be lost in the darkness forever. In order to open the portal to hell, an ancient map must be cut into the flesh of a living man. 


This movie is heinous. Gritty, bleak and hopeless. There’s blood, guts, torture, graphic violence and necrophilia. Be warned, one of the characters is a cutter and there is suicide in this movie. This is a low budget film and it’s pretty good and I enjoyed the story once it was clear what was going on. But it’s dark and disturbing. 


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