Macabre…ish Horror Review: Nekromantik 2



Nekromantik 2, 1991/ 1 hr 51 min



This film begins where the last one left off, starting with a flashback of Robert Schmadtke's (Daktari Lorenz) truly horrifying suicide. As the credits roll, a woman retrieve’s Robert’s remains from his grave. The woman’s name is Monika (Monika M.) and she manages to sneak his corpse into her apartment, unnoticed. There she unwraps it from the body bag.


Monika found out about Robert’s existence and then death from a newspaper’s headline and article. She undresses the corpse and has sex with it, unable to orgasm, she goes to the restroom and is disgusted and struggles to not vomit.



Meanwhile, Betty (Beatrice Manowski) (remember her?), Robert’s girlfriend arrives at his grave and is disappointed to discover, his remains are not there.



Monika cleans Robert’s corpse and takes polaroids of it and herself, cuddling.



A man named, Mark (Mark Reeder), for a career he dubs adult films, adding in the sounds of sex over the visuals of the movies. He is going to see a movie with a friend but when she’s late, he offers the ticket to a stranger walking by, it’s Monika and the evening goes well. So they decide to date which means Monika has to ‘break up’ with Robert.


Once at home, she cuts up the corpse, put the pieces in trash bags, minus the head and genitals, which she keeps in her fridge. She throws Robert’s remains away and attempts to return to a normal life.


Later, at Monika’s apartment, she and Mark look through her photo album of dead relatives, he spends the night and the next day while looking in her fridge, he finds genitals and putting that together with the strange corpse-like photos she likes to take of him, he doesn’t think this relationship is going to work.


Some time later, Mark talks it over with his friend while Monika has a movie night with her equally perverse, necrophiliac friends. They are watching a seal dissection and on the table is Robert’s head.


Unexpectedly, Mark arrives with a pizza and that brings the party to a sudden end and Monika quickly hides the head. Mark insists on knowing what they were doing so she turns the movie back on. Mark is disgusted and angry that they could watch that for fun. And it leads to an argument.


The couple talk on the phone later to discuss getting together to talk. They make up with sex, sort of, because at the moment of his climax, Monika decapitates him and replaces his head with Robert’s. She then has her own.


The movie ends with a doctor congratulating her on her pregnancy.



This sequel is also written and directed by Jörg Buttgereit, the original title is Nekromantik 2: Die Rückkehr der Liebenden Toten (The Return of the Loving Dead). Again, these movies are not for the faint of heart, you need to be a fan of underground horror, gore and enjoy graphic FX and probably erotica too. Life the first movie it is very graphic and gory. This one is also German language but it does have English subtitles.