Macabre...ish Horror Review: Netherbeast Incorporated


Netherbeast Incorporated, 2007/ 90 min.



If ‘The Office’ employed vampires in a corporation begun by Alexander Graham Bell as a safe haven for Netherfolk as a favor to President Garfield (who was also a Natherfolk and gave his life to protect the secret). And if all of the employees lived and worked in the same building. Except they don’t have fangs, they don’t fly, they do have reflections and they need more than blood. Also, they do not call themselves Vampires but rather Netherfolk. And their boss is going insane. Also call the retardations which is essentially Alzheimer’s for vampires. He’s forgotten the truth of the place and has begun to attack and kill his coworkers in an attempt to eradicate the problem. He himself is almost 200 years old. But otherwise it’s business as usual.



Their business is telephones and components, Berm-Tech Industries. Their boss, Turner has so forgotten the truth that he’s been inviting living people, or first lifers, to the office, which is causing problems. Anyway, the illness that Turner has can sometimes, reverse itself and they’re giving it a few days to do that before they try a brain rinse treatment and if it fails then they’ll terminate his life.



In the mean time, Netherfolks are missing and/or are being killed, they risk their cover being blown because of the arrival of first lifers and also the netherstone has disappeared. Which means they may only have a week to live. As they search for missing coworkers and the stone, they start to understand what’s happening.



I really enjoy this horror comedy, it also is narrated and narrated well plus the history of Netherfolk and the company, in animation, makes the movie more fun. And even though it’s fun, the effects are still pretty good. Plenty of recognizable faces, Otto from Blues Clues, Judd Nelson, David Foley, Jason Mewes and Robert Wagner. There are bloody, gory and graphic moments but this movie isn’t scary.




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