Macabre…ish Horror Review: Never Hike in the Snow



Never Hike in the Snow, 2020/ 31 min


A man, Mark (Courtlan Gordan), runs hell out, through the woods, looking for his car and he is terrified. Jason is hot on his trail. Mark doesn’t make it to his car but he’s in sight of it when he dies.


The police investigate this as a missing person and the sheriff (Vincent Gustafarro) covers up evidence, even though he knows better. Another man, Tommy (Thom Mathews) arrives and carves Jason’s name in a police car hood before running away.


Meanwhile, the sheriff delivers the news to the family but honestly, he’s kind of shady. He apparently finds something but he hides that fact. The family seems to have their own past they were trying to survive and leave behind.


After being ordered to leave it alone, the deputy (Bryan Forrest) on scene decides to investigate the area himself. He passes the No Trespassing sign and enters Camp Crystal Lake and Jason’s lair. He might have been alright if he didn’t meet Jason (Vincente DiSanti, also the director) at his Mom’s (Lennon Hobson) altar.


This sequel is a lot gorier and has more story and cast than the first despite it being shorter. This also managed to be more annoying than the first because the cop had so many chances to leave. Good cinematography and physical effects. It was short but good!


Also in the cast is Knightley Giaimo and Anna Campbell.