Macabre...ish Horror Review: Night of the Demons




Night of the Demons, 1988/ 89 min.

After stealing provisions from a store, some teen outcasts are throwing a Halloween party at a haunted, abandoned mortuary called Hull House. Once the guests finally get ready and find the location, they are not impressed by the boarded up, dilapidated building but liven up the place with music, beer, decoration and a fire.

During a seance, Helen sees a demon in the mirror, foreshadowing her death and after the mirror falls, the group hear thuds coming from down stairs, as the demon that haunts the crematorium escapes and possesses Suzanne (Linnea Quigley). Rodger is terrified and ready to leave except, the gate, and only way out, disappears.

Each person the demon possesses uses seduction, making out and sex to possess the next person. If not just killing them outright and animating their corpses. And the possessions are gruesome! Tongues are bitten out, eyes are gouged, it’s a gory and graphic.

This movie is a little slow going in the beginning but worth the wait. This is also the standard 80s formula, overly sexual teen trope. The physical effects are 80s horror awesomeness. It gets increasingly scary and gruesome. Fun movie!

Expect nudity and adult scenes. Some jump scares.