Macabre…ish Horror Review: Night of the Living Dead 3D


Night of the Living Dead 3D, 2006/ 80 min



Siblings Johnny (Ken Ward) and Barb (Brianna Brown) arrive late to their aunt’s funeral and no one’s there. It’s all set up and the casket is there but no one’s around. When Johnny leaves to find…anyone, Barb hears someone knocking from inside the casket. And scanning the area, she notices cars and people being attacked, suddenly a zombie is on her and Barb is running across the cemetery.


She ends up in a mortuary after seeing a naked man, presumably a client, eating a priest. Finally, help arrives, as she is over come, the owner of the funeral home, Gerald Tovar (Sid Haig) and he is oddly calm for what is happening here. But he’s not so helpful, Barb gets away while he’s fighting off a zombie himself.


Once she gets to relative safety, she calls her brother but soon she’s surrounded again but is rescued by a stranger, Ben (Joshua Desroches), on a motorcycle. And he takes her to the nearest house, The Cooper house.


The family is home watching a zombie movie and they, including Ben, don’t necessarily believe what Barb is saying. When Karen (Alynia Phillips) eaves drop in a window from outside, she’s attacked by half of a man, dragging himself across the ground, his entrails behind him.


The family finally believe it when corpses enter the house and attacks them.


Meanwhile, a couple, Tom (Max Williams) and Judy (Cristin Michele), are in the barn being intimate and it is not long before they’ve drawn a crowd. By the time, Henry Cooper (Greg Travis) calls the cops, he realizes the phone doesn’t work. So Henry the pacifist, gets his gun belt and six shooters out of his weed safe.


Afterward, they struggle to plan what to do and how to survive this. Whether or not to escape and who should be rescued.


Then Owen, who is suffering from a bite wound, thinks they were cursed because they watched that zombie movie. After they find out what happened to Karen, Gerald Tovar shows up. Still too relaxed and jovial, he confesses to being responsible for medical waste seepage and how he controlled it for two weeks before it got out of control.


He nonchalantly explains what’s happening and how it’s different when corpses are animated and when living people are bitten and changed.


And as the zombies pour into the house, some hide upstairs and others go with Gerald to the Tovar House to call for help. But Gerald has a secret.


This indie horror, directed by Jeff Broadstreet is an homage to and second remake of the original. It is short and too the point with recognizable aspects of the original. The zombie acting and effects are pretty good. The movie is slowed down quite a bit once they get to The Coopers and that’s a little annoying but Sid, playing it straight, is actually kind of funny. The 3D really helped this movie out because it is so familiar, it was a welcome addition.