Macabre…ish Horror Review: Night Teeth



Night Teeth, 2021/ 108 min.



Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) is driving for his brother, Jay (Raul Castillo) one night after his girlfriend, Maria (Ash Santos), is kidnapped by a man named Victor (Alfie Allen).


Benny is masquerading as Jay when he realizes the two women, Blair (Debby Ryan) and Zoe (Lucy Fry), are up to something that involves his brother, Jay. He finds out when he sees a text on one of their phones and a bag full of bloody money and jewelry.


When the cops arrive, Benny is spooked and flees inside the establishment and understands these women are vampires and they have just broken a truce and are killing when and who they shouldn’t.


They later rescue Benny from the lined trunk of a cop after he runs away.


Victor ruined the truce between the bosses and the humans and he’s earned himself a decades long ban. Instead of changing, he’s decided to burn the entire thing down. Blair and Zoe are destroying their networks in one night and Victor will own it all. Victor tried using Jay and his crew to do it but Jay refused and now Jay is on Victor’s hit list. Maria is bait and soon, so will Benny.


And now Benny is forced to escort them around town to Blood Clubs, all night, against his will. Including Kaleb’s (Martin Bats Bradford) which could have ended very differently if not for Benny’s quick thinking. After which, Zoe and Blair befriend him. The three of them end up back at Benny’s  Abuela Rosa’s (Marlene Forte) house and she’s not thrilled.


Later, they go out for their final stop at Rocko’s (Alexander Ludwig) place and it goes pretty bad. Benny drops the Blair and a badly injured Zoe at Victor’s house at dawn and because he heard his brother is there, he doesn’t want to leave without him.


Victor catches Benny off guard and when Victor decides to eat him and his family, Blair defends him and it fractures her, Zoe’s and Victor’s bond. They end up in a fight for survival that once again changes the future of the vampire race’s and Benny’s family’s future survival.



This vampire horror was directed by Adam Randall. It’s paced well and is very bloody and violent from time to time. Great (Afro) Latino and black cast! There were some great graphic and jump scare moments! This was a fun vampire flick! Kaleb played by Martin Bats Bradford was recently on my podcast, Macabre…ish Cults, Classics & Horrors, listen here! Scroll in the link and listen on your preferred podcast platform!