Macabre...ish Horror Review: Nightlight



Nightlight, 2015/ 85 min.


Well friends, lets play a flashlight game called Night Light. First we have to go to a wooded area with a train track, wait for a train to come, put your flashlight on the track. Then run toward the train, turn and run back to your flashlight and pick it up before you get run over.


No that’s not it, that’s just the pregame! Anyway, this group of people go to a haunted wood, Covington, everything is haunted and if you die there, your spirit never leaves. Light attracts the spirits, if you write your name in the forest, that is your request to die and whatever you do, do not go into the church. So says the legend.


So back to the Nightlight game. It’s like hide and seek, in the dark. Count to 100 while blind folded, then search for everyone. If you cannot find anyone, yell out Nightlight!


Oh and one of them, Robin, brought her dog, Kramer. There are lots of secrets at Covington. They really should have taken their cue from the terrified dog.



If you like jump scares, this is your movie! It is found footage format but it makes since in this movie. If you liked Blair Witch Project you may like this, same feel different scare.