Macabre...ish Horror Review: Nightmare Cinema



Nightmare Cinema, 2018/ 119 min.



An abandoned theatre draws in 5 strangers and one by one, they are forced to watch their darkest fears.



The Welder: The first woman is being hunted by a killer wearing a welding mask, who has already killed her friends. But it’s not what it seems.


Scarred: A woman with facial scars seeks a doctors help to minimize them and she is scheduled quickly. After waking up and wandering around the clinic after her first procedures, she’s horrified by what she sees. And when she wakes up again, she finds she was right to be.



Mashit: A man of the cloth watches a boy, seemingly possessed, fall off of a Catholic School roof. It’s determined that Mashit is possessing the students and it is because of the sins of the frocked adults.



This Way to Egress: A suicidal woman waiting for an appointment is experiencing reality shifts. Like Talisman (Stephen King novel)/Silent Hill level variations, people’s appearances are skewing. Their proportions becoming deformed and her surroundings are decaying.



Dead: When Riley is revived after he and his family are shot, he is terrified by spirits. Including his Mom’s.


Has a range from ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark/Goosebumps’ feel to Silent Hill and everything in between. It’s a nice mix for only 5 episodes. Very Hatchet level over the top gory kills and ridiculous effects, some adult scenes and a few jump scares. 









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