Macabre...ish Horror Review: Nightmare on Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors



Nightmare on Elm St. Part 3: Dream Warriors, 1987/ 96 min.



Kristen falls asleep and is chased in her dreams by Freddy, he attacks her in the restroom but it appears she attempted suicide by slitting her wrists which got her committed to Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital by her parents. Inside she fights all attempts to sedate her and is befriended by an intern, Nancy, who recites the nursery rhyme.


The rest of the group is a sleepwalker named Phillip, a violent kid named Kincaid, Will is in a wheelchair after a failed suicide attempt, a silent kid named Joey and an addict, Taryn.


Next time Kristen dreams about Freddy, she realizes she can summon people into her dream after calling Nancy and she appears. Over the next few days, Freddy, is picking them off one by one. Making the deaths look like suicides.


During a session, Nancy lets them all know that they are all children of former residents of Elm St. And she wants to hypnotize the group into a shared dream and discover their dream powers.


Freddy’s origins are also discovered when they learn the story of a nun who was trapped inside an insane asylum and assaulted by the inmates. Meanwhile, Freddy is getting stronger and intends to cross back over into the living when he finds his own skeleton.


Maybe the clues to stop him is in his past.


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