Macabre...ish Horror Review: No Escape Room




No Escape Room, 2018/ 1 hr 25 min


A father and daughter with a strained relationship go to an Escape Room. They arrive at a house with other revelers but before they start, they are presented with contracts, you know, in case something bad happens to them.

Electronic devices are collected and a projector is rolled out to set the stage and story of the house. There is a key in each room and you only have an hour to escape. And the safe word is Awake.

 They walk into a room, the door closes and locks, it is their job to find the key to get out. But they soon find out there is more to this than just a game. When one guy starts to freak out and wants to quit, the word they were given doesn’t stop the game.

 And when they finally find the key, it doesn’t let them out of the room, it opens a door to a closet and inside is their hostess, Josie, bleeding to death, and she warns them to get out. Half believe it’s real, half do not but the safe word doesn’t work so they’re going to try other methods of escape.

But as another door closes, theirs opens. As they search for a way out, they get separated and people are dying...sort of. Plus something weird is happening with time. This is an Escape House, not just room, what are they escaping?

The death effects are minimal so this will be good for people who prefer minimal gore but there are jump scares. This is a tension filled, trippy flick with a lot of twists.