Macabre...ish Horror Review: No One Lives




No One Lives, 2012/ 83 min.





This is a crazy movie with alot going on. First, we have a couple driving cross country, Betty and her nameless driver. A gang of burglars who are apparently terrible at committing successful robberies. And an heiress, who is the only survivor of a massacre.





The gang of burglars decide to kidnap the couple driving cross country because they look wealthy. This is the genius plan of the robber who botched their last job by killing an entire family because the Dad had a phone. Ethan wants to redeem himself by kidnapping and stealing these supposed rich people’s money. When the woman, Betty, kills herself on the knife being held at her throat during interrogation, Driver (Luke Evans) slips his restraints and kills him.


Meanwhile, the couple’s car is brought to the group’s hideout and they discover a surprise in their trunk.


The massacre I mentioned earlier, the kidnapped man is the one responsible for the slaughter of the people at the party and there was one survivor. After Ethan is killed, the group arrives to find Betty and Ethan’s body and bring’s Ethan’s body back to the hideout and they’re in fore another surprise when they find out where the Driver is.


And they are screwed. Driver blows up their vehicle. Tortures and grinds up the leader (Lee Tergesen) with a wood chipper. Presenting him as a bag of gore, hanging at the front door of the hideout. Driver approaches mayhem like a calling.


All the women in this movie are kind of badass, including the heiress, who is just as diabolical and calculating about survival as Driver is about killing.



Expect nudity and sexual scenes. It’s graphic, bloody and gory and full of traps! This movie is violent and brutal, sometimes a hard watch. Good concept, I found it entertaining and the cinematography and effects are well done. This is from the creator of Midnight Meat Train. It’s a simple movie done well!


 If you can’t find it streaming anywhere, you can find it here. Enjoy!!



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