Macabre…ish Horror Review: No Visitors



No Solicitors, 2018/ 1 hr 38 min

aka No Visitors


In a bustling suburban neighborhood is a house of horrors and there, a young woman is tied to a table and butchered. She is just one of 6 missing locals.



A brain surgeon, Lewis Cutterman (Eric Roberts), is a respected doctor, married to Rachel (Beverly Randolph) with two children, Scott (Jason Maxim) and Nicole (Kim Poirier) who run the family practice and side business, harvesting and selling organs to desperate patients waiting for organ donations. And that’s not all they do with their bodies.


Their ICU is in the basement and it’s at half capacity with captives. If they misbehave then they are punished, usually by having their pain meds withheld, sometimes something’s cut off. The operating room is just behind a sheet of plastic, where they harvest organs and torture for especially egregious behavior.


Meanwhile, the police are struggling to locate these 6 people and can find no connection between them, to even begin to locate their whereabouts.


That evening a realtor comes to The Cutterman’s door to convince them to put their house on the market and ends up in the basement to be harvested later.


Later, on her way through the park, Nicole is accosted by a rapist and it goes really badly for him. She leaves his mutilated corpse there along with unknowingly leaving evidence behind.


Back at the house, one of the captives, Jack (Deron Miller) take pity on the person who is up for harvesting and puts him out of his misery. But Jack miscalculated and thought the punishment would be something he could handle, he was wrong. None of them could handle it.


And now the family has taken a major financial loss, along with the two bodies. On top of that, one night a burglar breaks in and finds her way to the basement and finds the victim, she’s lucky to escape when Nicole attacks her from behind.


This family does not believe they are doing anything wrong and a greater good, so they have no reason to stop. With some dumb luck and possible inside help, they may get away with their atrocities after all.


This indie horror is pretty good. It is gory and the physical effects are very graphic. There are moments that are hard to watch and hear. The family reminds me of Woman and Man, from the People Under the Stairs, strict and normal in very abnormal ways. At times, this runs a little long, there’s a lot of unknowns in the story and the end is random and sudden but this was entertaining. Also in this is Felissa Rose as Priscilla.