Macabre...ish Horror Review: Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight





Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight, 2020/ 1 hr 42 min


Every year, technology dependent teens are sent to Camp Adrenaline, to unplug! This week long camp is offline, off the grid and in tents. They are bussed to the middle of nowhere and upon exiting the bus they must leave all tech with staff. The kids obviously thrilled.


Some of these teens amazing, professional gamers and successful youtubers and most have quit school...many are return visitors, so clearly this camp works! The teens are put in groups, pep talked and they and their devices are prayed over by a priest.


Meanwhile, a lady, who lives in a cabin in the area, accidentally releases a monster, in her care, after accidentally feeding herself to him.


Camp is about to be very different this time around. It begins as usual, eating around a campfire, going on hikes and teen shenanigans...then splitting up and running from a monster


This is a slasher flick so expect nudity, adult scenes, jump scares and graphic violence. Has a strong Wrong Turn feel at some points, Goonies feel at others with a strong Jason vibe. The kills and jump scares are so nice!


What I really enjoyed is that these kids have seen horror movies and know horror movie rules and outcomes and kind of know what’s coming if they do certain things. Still clueless adults but it’s nice that the teens aren’t totally oblivious. The physical effects are pretty good but the cinematography is really good! This flick was surprisingly good and so much fun!


This is a Polish film with English voice over.