Macabre…ish Horror Review: Old 37



Old 37, 2015/ 84 min


Flashback: Two young brothers watch a paramedic, Jimmy (Ken Simmons) approach an injured, incapacitated woman and rather than render aid, the man puts his fingers down her throat, choking her. And with his other hand he drives his fingers into the opening of her compound fracture on her leg and then licks his fingers.



Later, teenagers crash on the road while getting frisky and driving at the same time. The girl calls 911 and paramedics arrive but these paramedics are not here to help. She’s alarmed by their behavior and tries to run but the sight of Jordan (Jake Robinson) being ground up in the back of the ambulance, by a disfigured, masked man, stops her just long enough to catch a sledge hammer to her head.


The next day, dare devil teens are racing and doing tricks, a disaster happens when a jealous girl, Brooke (Olivia Alexander), yanks the wheel while Angel (Brandi Cyrus) was doing a trick.


When police and ambulance come, they all lie about what happened. But some of them feel a lot of remorse while one person doesn’t at all. Even during a party, Brooke, spills more tea about someone else being killed on the road. But that time, they left without even trying to help.


After the party, one of Brooke’s frenemy’s Rachel (Margaret Keane Williams) and Brad (Devon Spensce) are in the back seat if his car when she is yanked out by her head and Brad gets a saw to his neck. Tim (Ben Schneider) finds Brad’s phone and searches the area for them and it leads him to a junkyard. He finds the car and upon searching the trunk, he finds them inside. And soon, so is he.


The junkyard belongs to two brothers, Jon Roy (Kane Hodder) and Darryl (Bill Moseley), the son’s of Jimmy. Jon Roy wears a mask to hide scars from when Jimmy played paramedic with him and broke his face. Jimmy ended up getting arrested for that, even though he was a kid. Their house, is a house of horrors and it always has been. Their father paid a high price for abusing their mother, he’s not dead but he may as well be.


Meanwhile, the number of missing teens in the area is climbing. Kids are either run off the road or they wreck and if the wrong ambulance shows up, they disappear.


One death is the catalyst for all the rest. And it will not end until they are all dead.


This movie, directed by Christian Winters (Alan Smithee), is gruesome, very graphic. But also there were times where it felt like I was watching a totally different movie like a dark teen romcom. But then suddenly the movie becomes graphic and gory again. There are also flashbacks of horror and abuse that actually explains a lot.