Macabre...ish Horror Review: Oldboy 2003




Oldboy, 2003/ 120 min. This is a strange story about Oh Dae-su (Choi Min Sik), a businessman from Seoul with a wife and daughter. After a drunken night out, he is released from police custody and is abducted and imprisoned in a cell that looks like a hotel room. For 15 years he’s trapped there with no idea who has put him there or why. 




From time to time his room is filled with Valium gas to control him, the same gas Russian soldiers used on the Chechen terrorists. It puts him to sleep and when he  wakes up, his hair has been cut, his clothes changed and his room cleaned.


One day, while watching the news a report comes on that says his wife has been killed and he is the prime suspect. He spends his time teaching himself to fight, digging the bricks out of his wall behind his bed, with a bed spring and watching tv. Keeping track of the years with tattoos on his body. 


Then one day, he is released



wearing a new suit and after wandering the streets, a stranger hands him a phone and a wallet. While in a sushi restaurant where he meets a girl, Mi Do (Kang Hye Jung)



the phone rings...his captor considers this a game. He has 5 days to find out the mystery of who imprisoned him and why and the whereabouts of his daughter.



As he searches, he takes his vengeance on anyone who helped keep him locked up.



This movie is intense with plenty of twists and a crazy, unexpected end.


Expect blood, torture and incest in this movie. It’s graphic and has nudity and adult scenes. And this version has English audio.



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