Macabre...ish Horror Review: Omega Doom




Omega Doom, 1996/ 84 min.



The Dark Age begins at the end of the of a World War between humans and robots, when a nuclear bomb is detonated. One the last day of the war, a dying soldier shoots a robot in the head, wiping out his directive to exterminate human kind, his name was Omega Doom.



No electricity, no technology. Soon only robots and cyborgs remain after the humans are cleared by the CDC. Omega Doom eventually arrives at a ruined city, remnants of war and human corpses libe the streets. Here, a community of robots, older and newer models, live in conflict.



They seek a cache of hidden weapons to wipe out what few humans remain. Each has clues that the other doesn’t, as to it’s location. They’ve settled at a stalemate after years of killing each other off. They each await the other to make the first move.



Among the characters in this city are two remaining peaceful robots, one a nanny turned bartender, another, a head.



He was a teacher bot and he’s been detached from his body for a year. He’s been used as a soccer ball in that time by other robots.

I love this movie, it’s dark and hilarious! The Head cracks me up! As well as the CGI. Plus Rutger Hauer, what’s not to like.