Macabre...ish Horror Review: Once Bitten




Once Bitten, 1985/ 94 min.




The Countess (Lauren Hutton), a 400 year old vampire, must drink the blood of 3 male virgins or one virgin, 3 times, every year before All Hallows, in order to maintain her immortality and youthfulness. Which by, the 20th century, has become nearly impossible in LA. And no, she will not consider a little kid, don’t even suggest it! With only 10 days left, she’s getting desperate.



Meanwhile, Mark (Jim Carrey), who is eager to lose his virginity but keeps being put off by his girlfriend, and it seems everyone around him is getting laid but him. Finally, he hits the club with his buddies, where he encounters the Countess, following her back to her mansion, he passes out after she bites his thigh and once he wakes, she tells him they had sex. And he now belongs to her.



He’s soon starts exhibiting strange behaviors, avoiding the sun and drinking blood from raw meat and having crazy dreams. He goes back to his girlfriend, Robin then she is kidnapped by the Countess to lure Mark back, time is running out. She needs to bite him again before he loses his virginity.


This is a campy 80s horror comedy, it is in no way scary, it’s silly and awkward! Some nudity and sexual innuendo in this one. Also, Jim Carrey’s pants are around his ankles 3/4 of the movie. If you’re a fan of 80s comedy, you might like this movie. It’s awesome to see iconic actors in movies like this and always a surprise!




If you’d like to watch, it is available here, on itunes. Enjoy!!  




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