Macabre...ish Horror Review: Open 24 Hours



Open 24 Hours, 2018/ 1 hr 37 min.



Mary (Vanessa Grasse) is looking for a job at a convenience store after being released from prison. Time she got for setting her boyfriend on fire. The boyfriend, James (Cole Vigue), she still has hallucinations of, drowning a girl (Jovana Miletic) in a tub and beating her with a hammer. She has those episodes quite a bit, usually bloody and/or of a man in a raincoat, presumably James.


Her schedule at Dear Gas Market is 10 pm to 6 am. She’s lucky to be free and her parole officer makes sure she remembers that. She’s also receiving menacing calls from James’ victim’s mother. Oh and about James, he was a serial killer and Mary always knew he was about to kill because when it would rain, he’s call her and sing the Raindrop song. And now, Mary is uncomfortable with phones.


On her first day, Mary is dropped off by her childhood friend, Deb (Emily Tennant) and she’s trained by Bobby (Brendan Fletcher), the day shift worker. As Deb prepares to leave, it’s raining and a person in a raincoat, slams the claw side of the hammer into her face and drags her out of the car.


And then he’s everywhere but is he real or a figment of Mary’s imagination?



This slasher kind of reminds me of ATM. This is graphic and gory, suspenseful with plenty of flashbacks. The kill effects are nicely done! I really enjoyed this one!