Macabre...ish Horror Review: Open Waters 2: Adrift



Open Water 2, 2006/ 94 min.

Originally titled Adrift but renamed Open Water 2 to capitalize on the success of Open Water. It not a continuation. This is  a psychological horror about a group of friends, including James and Amy’s infant, who go out for a weekend on Dan’s new yacht. Everyone, except the baby go for a swim, including Amy, who, despite being hydrophobic, ends up in the water when Dan picks her up and jumps in. Everyone has a great time until they realize, no ones lowered the stairs before they all jumped in.



Despite that, they are fairly confident they can figure out a way into the yacht anyway. The group have on hand, two masks, a dolphin float and a dive knife. The group tries everything to get back aboard but the sides are too slick and the deck is too high. They try to get the attention of a passing boat, to no avail. The try using a cell phone but cannot get the callers attention and ends up knocked into the water. They try making a rope out of their swim suits but that plan is ruined by Zach, when he attempts to climb it and tears it, instead of letting someone lighter climb up.



Now treading water, nude, they begin to understand how dire their predicament is when their desperate attempts result in deadly accidents. From accidental fatal stabbing, to a fatal skull injury and then Dan confesses, he lied, it’s not his boat and that he’s a fraud.



As night comes, those hanging on from various injuries, die. Lauren tried to swim to a shore and never returns. Some drown from exhaustion and hysterics, after treading water all day.



Meanwhile, the baby, Sarah, cries in the background. Finally, Dan, wedged a piece of goggle lens in the gap of the stairs and gets a hand hold and Amy climbs his back, boarding the boat and letting down the stairs. Dan swims away to drown, overcome by guilt and Amy jumps back in to save him.


The next day a fisherman finds the yacht and a crying Sarah. The boat appearing empty.


There is an adult scene and nudity. Blood. No scares. But for there to essentially be no monster, this is a good movie. The concept is very good and horrific once you get into it. And becomes an increasingly difficult watch, this movie is heavy. Good and devastating watch!


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