Macabre…ish Horror Review: P2



P2, 2007/ 1 hr 38 min


After getting stuck working late on Christmas Eve, Manhattan business woman, Angela’s (Rachel Nichols), car won’t start. She’s alone in the underground parking garage and looks for assistance from the security guard, Thomas (Wes Bentley) who asks her to spend Christmas with him. She declines and it’s down hill from there.


She calls a taxi and when it arrives, she discovers she’s locked in. She returns to the garage to go around for the taxi but it leaves, then the lights in the garage go out. Then Thomas attacks and she wakes up in his office wearing someone else’s clothes, a white dress and heels and she’s chained to a table that is set up for a romantic dinner.


Thomas is unhinged. He’s been watching her for a while now, recording her on the CCTV and professes his love for her. He has something planned for her over this 3 day holiday while the building is locked down.


He gives her one disturbing gift after another and she resists most of his commands and is tormented for it. He sets his guard dog on her, he floods the elevator, trying to flush her out, locks her in a trunk etc.

This flick is reminiscent of Hitcher, ATM and After Dark’s Down with the dangerous deranged person who likes cat and mouse games. It’s suspenseful, nerve wracking and what violence there is, is graphic. Plus he wrecks a perfectly good Oldsmobile Cutlass(?) lol! I really enjoyed this movie!