Macabre...ish Horror Review: Pandorum


Pandorum, 2009. 108 min. Astronauts, on board the Elysium, wake up in a hyper-sleep chamber with no memory of how they got there. Disoriented and suffering memory loss, they realize very quickly that something’s seriously wrong, the ship is dark and damaged, people who should be there when they woke up, aren’t, and there’s evidence someone tried to force the hatch open. 


While searching the ship, other astronauts are found, dead, along with something else. Throughout the ship, there are traps set and with bait, human bait. Whatever it is, is fast, strong and terrifying, also there’s more than one. And they’re hunting people as they wake from hyper sleep. 


Now, still dealing with the side effects of of sleep, they must create a plan to save the ship and it’s precious cargo, Earth’s embryo archive and 60,000 people, most of them still in hyper sleep and vulnerable to what lurks on the ship. 


It becomes clear what’s happening and what these monsters are. It’s somehow worse than expected and they’re in real trouble. 


This is a good sci-fi thriller, great concept, unexpected twists and a great ending. Good effects, graphic not much with the blood and guts but lots of bones. Some jump scares. If you liked Firefly (the grittier, harsher parts of it), you might like this movie.


English and Spanish audio option and English subtitles.



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