Macabre…ish Horror Review: Parasyte Part 2




Parasyte Part 2 aka Parasyte Completion, 2015/ 117 min



Aside from all of the now, regular rash of killings, there’s a serial killer on the loose, his name is Uragami (Hirofumi Arai), and he has the unique ability to detect parasytes inside humans. And because of this ability, the police are using him to identify infected humans.


Meanwhile, Shinichi (Shota Sometani), with the help of Migi, is hunting down and killing parasytes who are killing and eating people. And while he’s doing that, another parasyte, Ryoko Tamiya (Eri Fukatsu), has hired a journalist, Shiro Kuramori (Nao Ōmori), to track them down. Tamiya has also given birth and has become homicidally over protective of the baby, every threat to her child by a parasite, ends in death.


The parasytes, it seems, is quickly infiltrated local business and government. And picking up human sympathizers along the way, soon as secret service team has figured out how bad it is an has a plan to eradicate the problem but they discover one so powerful, they’re gonna need another plan.


And the most powerful among the parasytes sets it’s sight on Shinichi and either him or Migi (Sadao Abe) won’t survive the confrontation.


Years after all of the mayhem, just when we think it’s all over. It’s not, unfinished business returns.


Good movie, good continuation and all of the original actors reprise their roles. It’s a direct continuation with only a few months gap between part 1 & 2! Well done.