Macabre...ish Horror Review: Patchwork



Patchwork, 2017/ 86 min.



The movie opens with, I presume, a very lonely man flirting with a cadaver’s head.



After a night out, 3 women, (Jen, Ellie and Madeleine) wake up in an unfamiliar place..inside one body. Parts and pieces of each sewn together to make one woman but with all three consciousnesses. They can talk to each other but struggle to operate their one body.



While trying to escape they run into another amalgamation, an owlcat! Upon escaping, they are confused for a drug addict and discover that they cannot feel anything. They need help and look for an old classmate who is also in medical school.


When he tells them the bad news, that it’s impossible to undo what’s been done, they decide to hunt down whoever did this to them, one guy at a time. And make him pay! Everyone they crossed paths with is getting a visit and an ass beating!


This movie is in 8 parts, three of which tell the story of each of them at the bar and how they were chosen. And of course, there’s a few messed up twists at the end.


If you like Death Becomes Her or The Man with Two Brains, you may like this. It is also gory, violent and kind of crazy.











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