Macabre...ish Horror Review: Perkins 14


Perkins 14, from the After Dark Horrorfest 3 Series, is about a man, Officer Dwayne Hopper, who lost his son to a kidnapper, 10 years ago. And he is consumed with finding him. At the jail, on his shift, he meets Ronald Perkins, a pharmacist, who’s landed in jail for the night.


While doing a background check on Perkins, he finds that people don’t know he is. So he calls in a favor and has another officer buddy, Hal, go have a look at Perkins’ house. While there, Hal hears a noise in the basement, there’s now probably cause to go in. And it was a mistake, while looking through the basement, Hal, finds a hidden door and when he walks in, he unknowingly unlocks the cells that fill this hidden room and house some kind of feral people and he’s brutally attacked and killed by them.


Officer Hopper goes to Perkins’ house when he can no longer reach him on the radio and finds Hal’s body hanging from the rafters. He also finds empty cells, a lab and a cache of vhs tapes. Some, surveillance of the families before the children were taken and some, videos of them in Perkins’ care. 


Officer Hopper gets his justice from Ronald Perkins after viewing the tapes. He releases something else is horribly wrong when he calls in Hal’s death and it’s brushed off because the town is under siege and they’re getting lots of calls reporting deaths. It’s a disaster. 


The children from Perkins’ basement are out, with tongues removed, controlled with drugs and no human contact for a decade and now the town is going to pay. This is a pretty good movie, though I will say that as some of the scenes were building up with Officer Hopper, then it would often change to his daughter hanging out with her friends. I know it was done for a reason but I found it distracting and kind of made me want to fast forward through those moments. But other than that, it’s a pretty good movie. It’s brutal, graphic, bloody, gory, pretty decent kill effects and some major overkills that were intense.


Oh and dismemberments and cannibalism. Also the kidnapped kids are creepy and zombie-like in behavior and ferocity. Enjoy, horror friends!



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