Macabre...ish Horror Review: Pet



Pet, 2016/ 94 min.


Seth (Dominic Monaghan) is a shy guy with an obsession with a waitress on the bus, a lady named Holly (Ksenia Solo). He spends alot of time researching her, sifting through her online profiles, learning all about her. He finally asks her out but is rebuffed. He asks advice from way too many people and soon he finds himself following her, sending her flowers at work.


And he begins to spiral and escalate when a confrontation with her gets out of hand, when he refuses to accept rejection and he ends up with her journal, after the scuffle.


He reads it obsessively, to the point where his job performance suffers. One day, he discovers a trapdoor in an unused wing in the animal shelter, where he works. And sets about constructing a steel cage. Once complete, he follows Holly home and kidnaps her. When she wakes up in the cage, she vows to survive.





Because of what Seth now knows about her, he’s determined to save her.  After a while, they play psychological games with each other, each trying to outwit the other.






As tame as this movie starts out as, this movie is crazy and is definitely a psychological thriller. It gets more bleak as the movie progresses. There are flashbacks and hallucinations. It was nice to not know where this was going and to be surprised over and over. Good cast, good concept, story and effects. Nicely done.


If you like the feel of American Mary, you might like this. Expect blood, gore and torture.



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