Macabre...ish Horror Review: Pick Me Up





Pick Me Up, 2006



A part of the Masters of Horror Collection, 2 serial killers cross hunting grounds, one is a truck driver and he hunts hitchhikers. The other is a hitchhiker who hunts driver’s who are unlucky enough to pick him up.


They are two completely different versions of the same monsters with unique different methods of ‘play’.



And then there are all the people who try to survive, crossing both of their paths.



What happens when two monsters, predators, cross paths? The game becomes alot more interesting and alot more dangerous for everyone else. And when they lay eyes on the same prey, it gets really good! They each recognize what the other is and the person they both want knows she’s in danger and is trying her best to survive them both.


It turns out to be one helluva stretch of road.



There is torture, cat and mouse games and a little bloody. For a serial killer movie, I wouldn’t call it gory. Not too gory though the practical effects are pretty good. Some nudity and adult scenes.


If it is not streaming somewhere, it is available here, on itunes. Enjoy!



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