Macabre…ish Horror Review: Piggy



Piggy, 2012/ 1 hr 46 min



Piggy (Paul Anderson) is a human bludgeon. He’s a guy who handles injustice with violence. Brutality made wrongs, right, as far as he was concerned.



He is also John’s (Neil Maskell) oldest friend when they were kids but as an adult, Joe (Martin Compston), barely recognizes him when he turns up after John’s funeral. He has recently been jumped in the street and later dies.


Piggy arrives and tells Joe about his philosophy on life and he says he wants to help him get justice. Joe is pretty oblivious about the whole thing but little by little, Piggy brings him around to his way of thinking. And he says he knows who are where the people are who killed John. And so one night they go for a walk.


And they happen upon a man who swears he doesn’t know Joe but Piggy obliterates this man’s head. Joe freaks out and runs away but Piggy calms him down.


After that night, the go out again and Piggy teaches him things about the people of their town. Teaches him about body language, control and what his behavior should be to certain people and circumstances.


To make sure they got all the culprits and that no innocent victims were accidentally harmed they have a plan. A bag of tools and an out of the way abandoned public bathroom later, they are almost ready.


Their disguises are a pig’s snout is about distraction, the idea being that, that is all anyone will remember if they’re spotted.


Once they have their victim, there is horrible violence broken up by questions. Joe doesn’t have a stomach for it yet…but he will. And Piggy has a secret.



This British thriller by Kieron Hawkes is so well done and incredibly graphic. They do not show everything but close enough. The physical effects are good, the acting is often hard to watch, they act out brutality well. It is bloody and gory and the sounds…it is often hard to hear. The cinematography and story is also very good. And the end has quite a twist.