Macabre...ish Horror Review: Pilgrims



Pilgrim, 2019/ 80 min.



This Thanksgiving is going to be different for the Barker family. They have signed up for a Thanksgiving experience! Which means that on the big day, actors dressed as pilgrims, are invited, then they do a full reenactment of the first Thanksgiving. Except it’s going to last longer than for dinner, this is a days long experience. Anna is hoping it’ll bring their family closer together. And not just them, other neighbors are getting on the fun with their own pilgrim.



The actors are so dedicated to the performance, that they arrive in character.  And they are authentic is dress, speech and conversation.


But soon the family’s become uneasy. They never drop character. Ever. Then more pilgrims help. And soon family members start dropping like flies and disappearing. This experience is horrifically authentic.



This movie is like a cross between #thejoneses and #thepurge with a touch of grindhouse once it gets gory, I was surprised though it’s more thriller than horror. It’s eerie, crazy and there are jump scares. It’s also violent, pretty graphic and bloody. Also I really enjoyed the cinematography. Well done!






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