Macabre...ish Horror Review: Piranha 3D


Piranha 3D, 2010/ 88 min.



A fun, gory remake of the 1978 original!


An earthquake in Lake Victoria, breaching the floor, causing a whirlpool and from the chasm, a school of prehistoric piranha rush out of it. Just in time to obliterate a local fisherman with the bad luck of being there and falling in, at that moment.



This also happens just in time for Spring Break! Sherriff Julie Forrester discover’s the fisherman’s remains and contemplates closing the lake but risk cutting into the areas revenue by scaring of the Spring Break crowd. Meanwhile, more people go missing and more are consumed.



Law enforcement are warned to close the lake but ignore it and the day comes when the revelers are absolutely ravaged by the school of piranha. It’s a bloodbath! Escaping tourists in many cases are reduced to bone while trying to escape the water.


People being carried to safety are eviscerated and disemboweled, their bodies literally torn in half. The lake shore littered with people who, from the waist down, have been stripped and skeletonized. It happens to fast, that people are still running and screaming before their bodies have accepted their deaths.


It’s unreal. The piranha seem unstoppable. Desperate measures are taken to try to stop them but is it enough? It rarely is...


Lots of recognizable names in this one. Crazy practical effects, blood, guts and gore galore. Paced well and good cinematography, with a nostalgic feel. Feels oddly like Jaws but more horrific and more modern. I really enjoyed this one!

I hope you can find it streaming somewhere, if you haven’t seen it because it is amazing! 

But wait, there’s a sequel if you’re in a binge-ing mood. Click here for the sequel. Enjoy! 


P. S. I know we are not all gorehounds so here’s the link to the original 1978 version that isn’t nearly as graphic but still good. Much more Jaws-like. Enjoy! 





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