Macabre...ish Horror Review: Pitch Black


Pitch Black, 2000/1 hr 52 min.




A transport ship, full of passengers in cryostasis, is damaged by comet debris, crash lands onto a seemingly empty planet. Many of them die but not the most dangerous one, an escaped convict, Richard Riddick (Vin Diesel), he’s being transported back to prison by a bounty hunter, Johns (Cole Hauser). His eyes are surgically altered so he can see in the dark and it now light sensitive.



And now, he’s escaped his restraints. As the survivors sift through the wreckage and attempt to find help and a way off the planet, they discover an abandoned research settlement. They discover a well and a skiff with dead batteries and one of them goes missing and Riddick is blamed.



While searching for the missing, Zeke, they discover deadly underground creatures who are photosensitive and understand that very soon, it’ll be dark and those creatures will be free to roam. Discovering Riddick, Johns, the bounty hunter makes a deal with him. Help them escape the planet and he’ll be free. Back at the settlement a child is killed by those creatures and they realize what happened to the settlers. They arrive just in time for an eclipse and they’re in danger. They have to retrieve power cells from their destroyed ship to power the found skiff and escape.



They discover the bounty hunter is a drug addict, that one of the boys, Jack (Rhiana Griffith), is a girl and that Fry (Radha Mitchell) tried to dump the passenger compartment in space when the ship was going down. Soon it’s completely dark and they’ve lost more people and getting the cells to the skiff seem impossible. Between the aggressive aliens and the animosity between Riddick and Johns, it’s improbable.



The aliens are well done and the effects are pretty good. Good concept and story.

It’s more graphic than bloody and gory.


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