Macabre…ish Horror Review: Plaguers



Plaguers, 2008/ 86 mins


The Pandora, a freight transport carrier, is headed to Earth they are in desperate need of an energy supply known as Thanatos and the crew is suspicious of it.


On the way they get a distress call from the seemingly abandoned Diana. But inside they find four nurses who claim to have fought off pirates. Turns out the nurses are the pirates and they attempt to take over the ship, during fight, the Thanatos container ruptures and the contents contaminate one of the pirates and she mutates. And one by one, so do the others.


The mutations range from truly excellent demon like zombies to fully transformed monsters.

This film is directed by Brad Sykes. The set and costumes aren’t great and the acting is just ok. The CGI is the best the 80s had to offer. But you want to watch this movie for the monster and kill effects, which are good gory, bloody and sometimes gross!


The monster acting ranges from very good to meh but it’s overall pretty good. It takes a good 35 minutes before it starts getting good but it was worth the wait. Unfortunately, the time before and in between the action is kind of a slog. I honestly bought this because of the cover, I love it!