Macabre...ish Horror Review: Polaroid



Polaroid, 2019/ 88 min


Teens find an old polaroid camera and after taking a photo for a crush, they discover a strange shadow of what appears to be a man in the back ground of the photo. Now Sarah is too creeped out to walk around her house alone. She searches the house and upon checking the attic she falls and the camera flashes again.


Meanwhile another student, a shy teen named Bird also gets a camera and also sees suspicious smudges in her photos. And people in the photos begin to die and the mysterious smudge has moved from one photo into another and people from that photo.


When Bird realizes what’s happening she tries to destroy the camera and photographs and warn her friends. But it doesn’t work. Everyone is in danger, in order of their picture being taken. Her attempt to burn them only hurt her friend in the photo in real life.  Soon the entity from the photos is showing up in real life and Bird is now also in danger.


Now everyone still alive and in dangerous have to figure our how to survive and who the original owner was and if they’re still alive. They find the source and try to undo the curse and complete the original deed that was born of terrible tragedy, to try to stop the killings.


This movie is dark and eerie with lots of jump scares. It’s not bloody or gory, this movie isn’t graphic. In fact, I don’t think one kill is shown. It is still a pretty cool concept though. This is good for someone with no stomach for graphic physical effects. Nice watch!