Macabre...ish Horror Review: Poltergeist

Poltergeist is about a family who moves into a brand new subdivision and weird things begin happening, like furniture moving around the room on its own. The youngest child CaroleAnn admits to talking to people in the tv and during one chaotic night in her and her brother’s bedroom, those people kidnap her. But she’s still inside the house, just in another plane inside the house, where the dead are lost.


The desperate parents invite a parapsychologist and her team and finally an exorcist to help retrieve her daughter. The house is very active with strange occurrences from animating food in the most disgusting way possible, terrifying people with their own gruesome reflections and the presence of otherworldly beings. 



Finally the family finds out that the subdivision has been built on a burial ground on top of the bodies. The builders moved the head stones but not the graves and now the family is paying for that.


The dead has been disturbed and seemingly with CaroleAnn have become stronger and the activity in the house has gotten crazier than ever. CarolAnn is finally recovered and in a final dramatic act the activity in the house cranks up a few more notches animating toys that try to kill the son, otherworldly monsters threatening the mother as they again try to get CarolAnn



skeletons coming to the surface in the backyard where the mother’s be vacated, animated trees...the family finally escapes the madness and the house crumpled in on itself and disappears.




And if you have not seen this movie, don’t you want to see it now? 😏


This 1982 movie runs 1 hr 55 minutes long is very effects heavy and very good. 


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