Macabre...ish Horror Review: Pontypool

Pontypool is a small village in Ontario, Canada and also the setting of this thriller, a unique twist on a zombie outbreak. Shock Jock Grant Mazzy, a former hotshot who’s been kicked off the air and found himself on a small town morning show in the basement of a church. One morning, reports of people developing strange speech patterns followed by and evoking acts of brutality.


The radio station is being flooded with news of sudden outbreaks of crime and huge numbers of injuries and deaths. Whatever this is, is spreading rapidly and Mazzy is trying desperately to figure it out and with help, he does!


He desperately tries to explain it to his audience to turn this nightmare around before the government bombs the area to stop the outbreak and keep it from spreading. As more gibberish comes over the airwaves and spreads amongst  people in the church and his fellow crew, he must also defend against the violence that comes with it.


Most of the movie takes place in this church radio station but the story is engaging enough that, that is ok. Now listen, this movie is for a good story more than a good, graphic zombie movie. There are a few moments of blood and violence in the movie but is mostly talking, as you can imagine because it’s taking place in a radio station. But it’s a very unique idea for a ‘zombie’ outbreak.


You’ll also remember Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie) from 300. Also if you’re a reader and you like this concept, let me point you to #StephenKing’s book, Cell. It is phenomenal! Anyway, this 2008 movie is 96 minutes long and has English and Spanish subtitles.



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