Macabre...ish Horror Review: Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead



Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, 2006/ 103 min.


This is a black comedy musical Troma creation about a restaurant, The American Chicken Bunker, in New Jersey. Which was built on top on a sacred Native American burial ground and because of this the place is being attacked by zombies, but not just any zombies, these are chicken possessed demonic alien spirit zombies! And employees and customers are trapped inside. Outside, are activists protesting against the establishment.


The movie begins with high school sweethearts Wendy and Arbie



in a grave yard dry humping. After a while zombie arms come out of the graves to cop a feel. When the couple is interrupted by a masturbating, axe toting creep, who is then killed horribly by the grave zombies.


Fast forward to the protest





and Arbie runs into Wendy making out with another girl.





And he tries unsuccessfully to win her back, so he gets a job at the Chicken Bunker for revenge. Meanwhile, in the kitchen in the restaurant are some radio active looking pulsating vein covered eggs, chicken that screams when being deep fried. 


This movie is insane. Then an anthropomorphic sandwich






warns and employee before another one masturbates with a raw chicken and it comes to life and attacks him, spraying the kitchen down with red and green blood for the third time. And all that, before we even get to the zombie chicken people.





This movie makes fun absolutely everything we’re not supposed to make fun of and is not p.c., it is sexual, there’s lots of nudity, lots of offensive humor, graphic, over the top effects, Ron Jeremy and when there is gore it is extremely gory. The transformations are crazy and intense. If you are a lover of smut and gore, this might be for you. This movie is not going to be for everyone. It is gore porn in the purest sense of the words. Enjoy, gore fans!





If you can’t find this anywhere else, you can definitely find it here.





Taxidermy cocksucker acquired from sinister_kim! Totally put me in the mood for zombie chickens 😉



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