Macabre...ish Horror Review: Predator 2



Predator 2, 1990/ 108 min.


It’s 1997 and not only is LA dealing with gang violence between the Colombians and Jamaicans, that leave police out gunned but also The Predator is out hunting.


When there is a lull in the violence, the police enter the Colombians hideout, to find they’ve all been slaughtered. And later, upon entering a penthouse, discover the Jamaicans, not just dead but skinned and hanging from the rafters.



A found spear tip is discovered and determined to be of unknown elements. A voodoo practitioner decides they’re under siege by a supernatural being. Which uses cloaking technology, infrared site, stealth and alien weaponry. The entire city is at war with this thing. And so far it is out maneuvering all of their tactics and killing a lot of people.



All star cast Danny Glover, Bill Paxton, Gary Busey, Adam Baldwin, Robert Davi etc. tons of recognizable faces. Lots of graphic violence, adult scenes, language and nudity. Good physical effects.




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