Macabre...ish Horror Review: Predators


Predators, 2010/ 107 min.


People wake up, in free fall, and land in an alien jungle, on an alien planet.



An assortment of killers, convicts, yakuza, mercenaries, serial killers etc.



As they group up, they discover their connection to each other and their reason for being there. It’s a game preserve. And they’re being hunted. The biggest assortment of killers the Earth has to offer, hunted by presumably they best alien hunters, Predator. Predators hunting predators.




They’ve all been scooped out of their lives and dropped here to play a survival game. Whether they want to or not.


As the new arrivals strategize and fight to survive, they discover others, predators and prey. Dangerous plants, dangerous animals, the remains of others, their camp and traps. This has been going on a while.



They search for answers, then escape. In the end, those that are left find a potential way out, sort of...



Great movie! I would’ve loved a prequel to this one but as it is, it is an allusion to Aliens, the second in the Alien franchise. It’s a great concept, cast and story. Well done!


 If you can’t find it streaming anywhere, it’s here on itunes. Enjoy!! 




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