Macabre...ish Horror Review: Prometheus

Prometheus, 2012/ 124 min.


It’s 2089 and a star map is found and matches others from different cultures and it is interpreted as an invitation from whoever created humanity, called Engineers. So a mission is funded to a moon, LV-223, by the CEO of Weyland Co, Peter Weyland.


The crew travels in stassis, the journey monitored by David, an android. They arrive in 2093 and awake to be debriefed by David. They have orders not to approach the Engineers until specified. Soon they land and encounter an artificial structure with a corpse inside, assumed to be an Engineer. Upon finding other bodies, they assume the species is extinct. A head is collected and the dna is found to be human.


Some of them return to the ship and David has stolen something from the structure, he takes it on their ship and puts some of the continents into a crew members drink. That man, Holloway, sleeps with his significant other and something horrible happens to both of them. The woman, Shaw, though infertile, she finds herself in the advance stages of pregnancy, having to perform a caesarean section surgery on herself, to remove some sort of creature from her body, mere hours later.


There is a snake like creature loose at the site, it sprays corrosive that easily melts a helmet. Because of this, the crew member it kills and another crew falls face first into a puddle of Alien fluid and turns into a monster, the ship is placed under quarantine. And when the ill team member returns from scouting, he us refused entry, to the outrage of others.


Meanwhile, David finds another Engineer, in the control room of the derelict ship, in stasis, in front of a holographic map of Earth. As the movie goes along, David seems to be problematic.


Because of all these happenings, the conclusion they made about this place and the people was wrong. It wasn’t about life at all but death. The discovery is made of the real reason they are here and the level of deceit that comes with that. And on top of all that, the rapidly growing alien squid baby is loose and hunting, the Engineer in stasis, is now awake and looking for surviving crew members.


The only hope for Shaw is going to be a series of insane choices and none of them include going home.


Great movie! It’s part of the Alien franchise story. It is graphic and a few times, gory. Intense story line, the only thing I didn’t care for was Idris Elba’s faux southern accent.