Macabre...ish Horror Review: Psycho 3



Psycho 3, 1986/ 93 min.



A mentally ill, former nun, Maureen Coyle,  lands at the Bates Motel after leaving the monastery and hitching a ride with a creep and being thrown out in the rain after rejecting him. That same sleazy guy is also a low life thief, Duane Duke (Jeff Fahey) gets a job at the Bates Motel


Emma Spool, Norman’s birth mother, is reported missing a month after Norman hits her in the head with a shovel. He keeps her corpse in his mother’s room.


And a journalist researching serial killers, Tracey Venable, arrives in town, she believes Norman is killing again. And she wants to interview him and he obliges.


Then Norman sees Maureen check is and is unnerved out by just how much she looks like his former victim, Marion Crane, plus her initials are M.C. When Norman enters Maureen’s room dressed as Mother, intending to kill her. He’s shocked to discover she’s slit her wrists. And Maureen mistakes him and his knife as the Virgin Mary holding a crucifix.


The unusual traffic to the motel because of football season gives Norman more opportunity to kill. Maureen returns after convincing herself she’s in love with Norman. Duane later finds out about Emma Spool and gets the bright idea to blackmail Norman. It all rapidly falls apart as Norman struggles with his mental illness, his killing and trying to keep it quiet.


Finally, another truth about his identity and his violent family history is revealed to him.