Macabre...ish Horror Review: Psycho Goreman




PG Psycho Goreman, 2020/ 1 hr 35 min


From a distant planet called Gigax, a nameless evil grew massive and prepared to destroy everything good, until good fought back and won. This evil was imprisoned, it’s release would mean the end of everything in the universe.

So of course, it is dug up and released by a couple of kids but don’t worry, their parents reassure them that monsters do not exist. Unfortunately, Mimi (Nita-Josee Hanna) kept the gem that sealed the containment, the gem of Praxidice and an actual monster unearths it’s self and pulls the heads off of some hobos and makes one an immortal lackey, a ghoul, in eternal pain.

Mimi and Luke (Owen Myre) struggle with what to do and finally decide to find the monster themselves. They find him amongst what’s left of the hobos, they also discover what the amulet is. It and the demon are one and whoever wields it, commands him but he warns that it’s power corrupts.

 He is named Psycho Goreman by the kids, or PG . PG (Matthew Ninabar and Steven Vlahos) tries to express to them what he is capable of and what danger they are in but they’re goofy kids and roundly shrug it off as insignificant.

The ones who imprisoned the demon are known as the Templars, are alerted to his awakening and decide to finally kill him. But we find out it is not so simple and there’s a whole lot more to his story. Through a tv, the demon summons his army, the Paladins of Sydion, from his world.

Soon, Pandora (Kristen MacCulloch and Anna Tierney) of the Templars and Paladins arrive and things have changed since PG was imprisoned. This is a battle between different evils.


This movie is like a nostalgic modernized version of Monster Squad crossed with Weird Science, until the fighting begins then it turns into the Power Rangers. The kids (read: Mimi) are weird, their parents are weird and PG is weirdly, brutally honest and it’s hilarious. It’s over the top bloody and gory and the humor is dark. The physical effects and CG are homage to the classics and the score is good. It’s a fun watch!