Macabre...ish Horror Review: Pulse

Pulse is about technology being used by the dead to contact the living. But it gets worse when it goes from contacting the living to stealing the very essence from the living. As the line between us and then becomes a gateway for monstrosities that hunt and destroy. Once a person’s essence is taken by these creatures, there becomes a downward slide into an abyss that usually leads to suicide and if not that then something much worse.




We find out that the only thing that keeps these monsters at bay is red tape, something about it creates a barrier between us and them. Then there’s a race to close this gateway before they destroy everyone.



Be prepared to be afraid of the dark! This movie is very dark, not just cinematically but there’s a distinct depressive air to the entire production. The makers of this movie have done well on that score. This is more of a haunting movie, I suppose, with jump scares than blood, guts and gore. Very good and unsettling concept. Creepy effects that help make this movie feel hopeless.




I really enjoyed this movie! This is a 2006 movie, 88 minutes long and offers English and French languages and English and Spanish subtitles. And note that the screenplay is by Wes Craven. Happy haunting horror fans!


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