Macabre...ish Horror Review: Puppet Master 2


Puppet Master 2, 1991/ 80 min. The puppets get a new addition, Torch! The puppets exhume and re-animate their beloved creator and gather human brain matter that keeps them alive. Unbeknownst to the puppets Toulon has a new, deadly plan of his own.


A new group of people, an eccentric psychic columnist and researcher, arrive at the hotel to search for evidence of the occult after the prior proprietor was found dead there without her brain. It having been extracted through her nose. 


Once again, the puppets are back at the hotel and killing off the new guests. Toulon arrives at the hotel to initiate his plan to increase his and the puppets life span for another half century, as well as restoring them to their former selves. And finally recovering his wife who died decades ago. Which means more people will have to die. But will the puppets agree to his new plans?


This movie has plenty of different kills, not too graphic, they don’t show everything, you mostly get the gist of the attack. Violence, some blood, nudity and a gratuitous sex scene. 




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