Macabre...ish Horror Review: Rabid Grannies



Rabid Grannies, 1988/ 91 min


Two wealthy, elderly sisters, Victoria and Elizabeth, invite all but one of their nieces and nephews to a dinner party for their birthday. The house help are aware that their family are just parasites and only care about the aunts’ money.


The one left out is the black sheep of the family and has been disowned and disinherited. Why? For his devil worshipping activities, of course. The rest of the family is just doing their duty and waiting for their aunts to die and leave them a fortune.


After a toast hoping for another 20 years, they or their guests may not survive one more night. The one disowned member has a heinous gift delivered that will turn the aunts party into a blood bath. There may be no one left to inherit their fortune after all.


This is a Troma so it’s over the top but also feels like a historical drama up until it gets gory and graphic. It’s also a dark comedy! This is also an International collaboration between Belgium, France and UK. Also this is pretty tame and not the craziest of Troma’s. Very Evil Dead 2 but not as nuts.