Macabre…ish Horror Review: Radius



Radius, 2017/ 1 hr 33 min.


A man, Liam Hartwell (Diego Klattenhoff), wakes up with amnesia after a car wreck, on the ground on the side of the road, he tries getting help from a passerby who veers into the ditch, when he opens the door. The driver is dead. Then he goes to a diner, everyone inside is dead. All of these people just recently died.

He assumes something might be in the air and as he walks home, he covers his nose and mouth with a rag, he then tries to warn a farmer that it’s not safe and the man just drops dead.

But then he notices birds outside and they’re fine, then he walks up to them and they drop dead. He’s starting to wonder if everything is dying that gets near him, if he’s sucking the life right out of them. He then marks a perimeter around the house, to keep people safe.

Then a lady, Jane Doe (Charlotte Sullivan) arrives and says she was in the car wreck with him, in his vehicle but that’s all she remembers. And interesting to note, she can get near him without dying. As they search for clues to her identity, they discover she’s married, her name is Lily and she has a twin who went missing.

They also discover they can’t rely on anyone but themselves, including Jane’s (Lily’s) husband, or a lot of people die.

Then one day, some pieces click in and so do some memories and Liam and Jane (Lily) find out something horrific about their situation and neither of them can live with it but for totally different reasons.

This turned out to be really good. It went from some generic scifi movie to a very thought provoking thriller. Who are we after amnesia and what are the ramifications of before amnesia ‘us’? And what if who we are after amnesia cannot stomach who we were before. Well done pacing and concept, so entertaining that the original issue was not resolved and I didn’t care too much.