Macabre...ish Horror Review: Rawhead Rex


Rawhead Rex, 1987/ 89 min.


Howard Hallenbeck, is writing a book and searches rural Ireland for Neolithic sights, sacred grounds. While there, three farmers attempt to move a column from a field but pierces something in the ground that releases smoke and a random electrical storm appears and strikes the column and causes it to glow red, a monster rises from the ground. And at the same time, inside the church a vase glows red as a beam of light streams from the stained glass window.


Back at the church, Declan O'Brien touches the place where the vase sat, his hand glows red and he has a terrible and painful vision.


Dennis and Jenny are at home when a ragged monster suddenly jumps out and mauls Dennis in the yard and goes after Jenny, but discovers that she's pregnant and halts  it's attack on her. But she's left traumatized and possibly insane. But when the monster leaves he takes Dennis' body with him.





Rex then turns up near a trailer park where a kid is looking for his sitter and her boyfriend, instead he finds Rex feasting on Dennis in the wood nearby. Little by little, as the body count stacks up, the townspeople find out about his arrival, sending out search parties. And Howard has seen him.


Howard alerts the police who dismiss him and go in search of a party of murderous men instead and their ineptitude costs a lot of lives. So Howard searches himself and is met with hostility and O'Brien is going insane. Some people in this town are hiding something. When Howard's son is killed, he returns to the church and discovers answers and attempts to kill it. There may be no way.




Same feel as Silver Bullet and pov cinematography of Sleepaway Camp. The monster looks like a man sized action figure (Kind of looks like Goro + Werewolf offspring), with light up eyes and retractable claws. Nice physical effects. Terrible 80s electricity effects. Cheesy in the best way! (When Rex runs!!). It's bloody and gory plus some nudity. It was a fun watch once it got going!





P.S. Prepare for lots of making out and not always the teen variety.




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