Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ready or Not



Ready or Not, 2019/ 95 min.


The movie opens with two little kids running through an opulent mansion, obviously playing a game and when asks them for help, the kid alerts his family and the man is shot with an arrow and dragged away.


It’s an old family tradition began when a man named, Le Bail, would build the Le Domas fortune, made them promise to observe it. Every new addition to the family, by marriage, on their wedding night must play a game. It’s an initiation. The new member draws a card and the game on the card is the one that will be played. Of the games, one is deadly.



Of the family members are an alcoholic brother, Daniel; his snobbish shrew of a wife, Charity; his drug addicted sister, Emilie; an annoying git, Fitch; Emilie’s husband and the cold, somber matriarch, Helene.



At midnight, the game begins, the family prepares and Grace has no idea how serious this game is. The last time the Hide and Seek card was pulled was 30 years ago, when Helene’s husband played. If she stays hidden until dawn she wins.



This is not a typical game, you don’t want to lose. By the way, if you refuse to play, for you and your spouse, it’ll be your last day.


The effects are good and it’s gorier than expected. This isn’t scary, more of a thriller with a serious V. C. Andrews vibe without all the sex. And the comedy is tongue in cheek. It was definitely entertaining.